SUGARCANE, The All Day Restaurant That Lagos Needs.

SUGARCANE, The All Day Restaurant That Lagos Needs.

SUGARCANE, The All-Day Restaurant That Lagos Needs.

Over the years of having to school and live in the city of Lagos, I find that one of the beauties of living in this city is its inexhaustible supply of great food neighborhoods that are constantly redefining themselves. Some of these restaurants are blessed with a good location while others are cursed by it. The former is the case for SUGARCANE. BOLDLY located at a beautiful spot on Ologun Agbaje Street in Victoria Island, Lagos, sits this beauty. Even a passerby can’t afford NOT to notice it. There’s ample space for a quite number of cars to fit in nicely.

Before I get involved in all the deliciousness I experienced, it is worth dwelling on the awesome taste of their decoration style. I was welcomed by a design and atmosphere that was pretty flawless. There is a marriage of fine wood, soft bulbs, and mosaic tiles well put together. I’m a sucker for beautifully designed spaces and so I knew I was in for a treat as I walked in.

Despite the name of this restaurant, sugar canes are not sold here! Hahaha! Looking through the menu, which I found really modern with the finely sculpted wood, I decided to gamble and started off with a superb drink, the Frozen Spiked Chapman. Now let me quickly add that I’m not a fan of Chapman as it does absolutely nothing for me. No, IT DOES NOT. Oh, come on! A girl needs a little kick. In Beyonce’s voice.. Give it to mama!! I fear I may be alone in this but this Frozen Spiked Chapman gave me a rethink, to a large extent. I mean, it had an extra rum kick that gave me that “oomph” good feeling (*wink!) while I waited for my first meal.

First off, I opted for the Red Velvet Pancakes served with a delightfully sweet and tangy cream cheese icing over it. Presentation and styling were top notch! Oh, it was such a beauty to behold. Pancakes are always an all time favorite for me as there are no rules to them. I can have them anytime of the day. This one was incredibly delicious. The texture was right and there was no heaviness.

Next up, I ordered Mofongo & Beans. This is a layered mashed plantain and stewed beans topped with shredded beef and stew. Mofongo is a plantain dish from the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico, each with their tweaks and nods to the recipe. It can be served alone or stuffed with any meat of your choice. I think plantains have more flavor to stand alone in a dish like this.

I used a spoon to shovel the protein heavy bounty into my mouth as if I were participating in a competitive eating contest (which I will win, by the way! *wink) I’m sorry but it was that good!

As a HUGE lover of pasta, I knew I wanted to have a taste of the pasta dish on the menu and so I went for the Penne Pesto Pasta.

Penne is a type of pasta in cylinder-shaped pieces (others include Spaghetti, Fusilli, Farfalle, Bucatini, Tagliatelle, etc.) Pesto, on the other hand, is a sauce originated from Italy. It traditionally consists of basil leaves, garlic, oil, cheese and other ingredients. It can be used as an accompaniment to many roast dishes but it tastes so yummy delicious when stirred through a big bowl of pasta. It was precisely cooked. I enjoyed it.

Here’s what else to order at SUGARCANE:

The Small Chop Platter! This platter has Puff Puff, Samosa, Spring rolls, BBQ Chicken Wings & Battered Shrimp. I was there for all of it. It tasted so good.

Cost: This was fair enough, considering that more than half of the dishes on the menu cost less than N5,000.00 Cocktails included.

Will I be going back? Most certainly

In all, they were pretty solid meals. Sugarcane is not just another food spot here in Lagos. It made quite an impressive spot for me. I can safely say it’s an all day restaurant as they are excellent for breakfast choices, lunch meet ups, and dinner. There’s something for everyone on the menu, including the kids (there’s a kids menu).



                                     6a Ologun Agbaje Street,

                                       Victoria Island. Lagos.

                     Open every day, except Wednesdays.

                                Reservations not mandatory





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